We are family

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We are family!


We keep our love in a photograph!

Family Photography by Nalla PhotographyFamily Photography for Grandparents with Grandchildren and Aunty Jane. Collages are a great way to get all of the family together, even when photographed separately xxx

Song lyrics that are so true and have got me thinking………….


So recently I have had this blog post weighing on my mind, I am probably going to waffle on a bit as I have seen a few posts on the photography groups Kerri & I are members of and have had a few reminders within my personal life that have got me thinking and more importantly doing. Our families are close to our hearts, yet a quality picture of us all looking our best together are few and far between.  Having them and more importantly printing them for our children to see has now become my personal project. No longer will I keep our family memories on a USB or hard drive, as they all have an ability to break and corrupt, then we can lose all of the documentation of our lives for our future generations.

Mother and Son images by Nalla PhotographyMagical family moments that last a lifetime.


More so as photographers and also as Mummy’s Kerri and I both have a tendency to hide away behind the camera. We have thousands of pictures of our children and hardly any pictures of the older members of our families and all of us together. This has to change!


Family Photographs by Nalla PhotographyA rare image of Kerri and her oldest children, although we see pictures of beautiful families everyday. When Kerri sat down to view the images and she couldn't contain her emotions. Tears where flowing, mine and hers xxx


Recently I saw a post asking


 ‘If you could photograph one person, who would it be?’

(Steven Thirst – The Guild of Photographers)


The responses that have stuck with me are the regrets of missed opportunities to photograph parents and grandparents that are no longer with us or live far away.  This is one of many recent posts I have seen following the same thread and the answers are generally the same, this makes me sad, so I have made a change and invited my husbands mum and my parents in for some studio sessions. I also managed to grab my husband’s sister (Jane) and her husband (Chaz) on a brief visit from Peterborough.

I must say I was a little taken back by how much this exercise also meant to them. I thought I would have to bribe them, however, they where super keen and where round like a shot to get involved. My mum who normally responds to a camera with a ducked head and a rude gesture surprised me the most! She rocked up in her Sunday best full of smiles!

My family photos by Nalla PhotographyMum and Dad having fun in the studio. Priceless!


Their where mumbles “I thought you would never ask!”


Family weddings tend to be the only place we are all together looking our best, then more often than not the images are of staged family groups rather than individuals and rarely capture any kind of interaction that represents what we mean to each other.  I find this really sad, but also an eye-opener to assess what images I have of my family and my husbands family.


Even though I’m a photographer I rarely get my camera out at family functions, mostly because I get so engrossed in what I am doing, I become a neglectful parent and I don’t participate in the family fun, so my husband and children have banned me from working while with them.  Therefore as pointed out by so many others in the aforementioned posts, the last images I have of my husband’s family and my family, before this personal project were from our wedding during the formal group shots.



Kerri & I have had our joint Nalla Photography studio in Aylesbury for nearly three years and until now have never taken the time out to properly document our own families (apart from the children.) We both dodge the camera like professional ninja’s and this really needs to change.  In years to come our children won’t see our postpartum tummies, double chins, and crows feet. They will just see their beautiful mummies who they love and as the rest of our bodies move south and the years continue to be unkind we will also look back and love the images and wish we had appreciated ourselves more.

Family Photography by Nalla Oh god a picture of me! This is rare, but I owe it to my children to step infant of the camera now and then.

Unfortunately, both of my Nanny’s are in there 90’s and are not well enough to come to the studio, this will always be a true regret of mine. Of course I will take my camera to them, however, I fear that I have missed them in the prime of old age where they would be happy for them to be remembered. We are determined not to miss these opportunities for our children’s families. So from now on whenever a family member comes to visit they will be invited into the studio and forced if necessary to have their pictures taken!  (You have been warned) This will be an ongoing personal project for Kerri and me, as we work around family members schedules and visits from distant places. I will get them printed as I go, however, I am really looking forward to getting them all completed so that I can order a massive framed collage print of us all together. An added plus will be that they will make fantastic Birthday and Christmas presents for everyone.


The photos of my Mum and Dad with my boys where taken on Fathers day, one week before my Dad’s 75th Birthday.  I surprised myself with how much these pictures mean to me. I will get my husband and me in with them all at some point very soon.

So often our studio sessions are booked for groups of children, siblings, cousins, and friends. I ask you to please think about including the adults in the family, as important as these images of your children are to you, images of you will be for them. (I’m not sure how much sense that makes, but I’m sure you understand what I’m getting at)

The love of cousins, captured by Nalla Photography.

Particularly the camera-shy women out there, we owe it our children to suck in our mummy tummies have our hair done, slap on some make-up and step out in front of the camera.  I assure you that the thought of this scares Kerri and me to death. Even though we are masters at bring the best out in others and softening the ‘perfect imperfections’ (More song lyric’s). Seeing the transformation right before our own eyes when the correct lighting and posing is put in place is quite thrilling and the results you get are worth paying any professional studio for their expertise. We just really need to take the time to apply it to ourselves every now and again.

All of the family together, by Nalla Photography.When grandma comes to town, what else is there to do other than capture a beautiful image of her and all of her UK based grandchildren xxx



I think what I have learned most while thinking about this blog is, make sure whichever member of that family is always behind the camera also steps out in front of it, document your children’s milestones with you present in the pictures.  If you can’t afford professional picture please make sure you print the pictures you do have otherwise you may not have them forever and they will mean the world to your families future generations.

My Mother-in-law, by Nalla Photography.Creating happy memories for the whole family xx




Nalla Photography, Photographer Aylesbury Buckinghamshire.
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