From Internet speeds of 2.71 Mbps to 100 Mbps plus in 2days with Rapid Rural

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On Wednesday 1st Feb our Internet speeds where as rubbish as they have ever been, with a download speed of 2.71Mbps and an upload speed of 0.21Mbps. As you can image being a photographer uploading images to an online gallery was beyond painful.


Fairford Leys was built in 1998, we have heard many reasons over the years as to why the internet is poor on our estate. As far as I can make out, the cables used during construction where of poor quality and not up to the job of providing even a reasonable service.


You could image our joy when BT said they where installing super fast broadband to the estate, this was quickly followed by the disappointment of our box being missed out along with a few others on Fairford Leys. Although BT and the Council have been looking into the problem, a solution seemed to be many years away.


I came across a post on the local community Facebook page, talking about Rapid Rural and a lovely man by the name of Alexander Rehm. He and other residents were talking about a wireless system with amazing speeds.


Now this is a road we have been down before. Many years ago we tried wireless Internet that was beamed to our house from a local industrial unit, it was a bit patchy and unreliable. It was hugely affected by the weather and all in all was a bit rubbish even when it did work.  This is not the case with the Rapid Rural system and it looks like things have significantly moved on.


On Wednesday 1st Feb, I spoke to Alexander via Facebook, while my husband emailed directly. They answered all of our questions quickly through both avenues of communication and we booked in that night. They quote that the installation of the equipment can be 2-3 weeks on the website We were so lucky that the installation team was in our area on Friday 3rd Feb and they booked us in for an 11am installation. Stuart and Bob arrived on time and couldn’t have been more friendly and professional.


Stuart and Bob installed a very small white dish onto our chimney and ran a cable down the outside of our house. They drilled a hole from the inside to the outside; they then capped the hole and ran the cable in behind our TV unit in the front room (after consultation, this was our chosen spot). Stuart then attached the modem pressed a few buttons on his laptop and voilà we had super fast broadband within 45mins. It was that easy….. Stuart then waited to double check that Kerri and I could connect our computers and they where gone, leaving us with no mess and super-duper fast broadband. We couldn’t be happier with the Rapid Rural system and support of Alexander, Stuart and Bob. Thank you so very much.


The system was £265 to install, this may seem a lot however the equipment is very high quality and the service was impeccable. As they say you get what you pay for. (Although we have been paying BT for years and not getting much in return…..)  We where invoiced after the system was installed and proven.

This is followed by a £35 per month charge for the connection. Due to the nature of the service the speeds do fluctuate, having said this our wireless download speeds have never been below 100Mbps. The upload is capped at 35Mbps.

You have unlimited use for this monthly fee.


We can now use all of our modern day technology at the same time, I can upload images while the TV is streaming. We can listen to music online while chatting on Facebook and so much more. Knowing I will no longer have to watch the spinning circle of doom on my computer when I try to do anything online is well worth the money in my opinion.



According the Rapid Rural website, their services are available in the following locations. 


Botolph Claydon (Bucks)

Granborough (Bucks)

Hardwick (Bucks)

Hogshaw (Bucks)

Lace Hill (Buckingham)

Long Marston (Bucks)

North Marston (Bucks)

Oving (Bucks)

Pitchcott (Bucks)

Weedon (Bucks)

Whitchurch (Bucks)


Fairford Leys is not mentioned on their website, however we know it is available, as we now have it. If your area is not mentioned please do contact them, as they are super helpful an will advise you of your options.


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